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About Us

// Welcome

Focus 1st Acadamy is an organisation set-up to provide training programmes. For the past 20 years we have been developing a vocational programme that has been trial led, testing the mechanisms that have definitely made a difference to the participants. The teachers and heads of year say that the students have, without a doubt, achieved far more than had they stayed in the teacher led classroom system.

Focus has developed an approach to learning that acts as a vehicle to motivate and improve individuals’ prospects. Whilst all individuals are encouraged towards gaining recognised qualifications, we also believe that the process of skill enhancement, confidence and self-esteem building is as vital as the outcome.

Focus is a programme aimed at 14 to 16 year olds who are identified by schools as more able to fulfil their potential by pursuing a vocational route outside the school environment. The Focus programme aims to equip students with the appropriate skills, experience and qualifications to participate in modern society at post 16.

Our programme teaches young students in closely monitored, highly individualised surroundings. The students are taught skills, and gain experiences and qualifications that allow them to compete in the labour market. For some, the programme prevents social exclusion prior to adulthood, and instead enables them to join adult society as employable young people.

// Ethos

Our programme fulfils the need of students who are disengaged from academic studies and may be exhibiting behavioural problems as a result. Our hands-on approach to learning creates an inspirational motivation for students wishing to pursue a career via the vocational route. The students are taught methods on how to improve their social skills in preparation for work/apprenticeship schemes and/or further education by learning in real-life situations and participating in sports, art and drama to express emotions. We believe that all individuals have a certain quality, which is sometimes concealed due to lack of confidence, mixed sentiments or disabilities. As such, recognising and coming to terms with barriers is a small part of the conflict, we are certain that all individuals are aware of their own weaknesses; the most vital part is engaging with professionals and adhere to individual training plans set which in turn prepares our students for economic and social integration into adulthood.

// British Values

Through promoting the British values of ;

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect, and
  • Acceptance for those with different faiths and beliefs,

students at Focus 1st Academy develop self-knowledge, are better able to make the right choices and make contributions to school as a  whole and the wider community.