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About Us


  We deliver various vocational programmes, GCSEs Math’s, English, Science, ICT and Business studies and Functional skills in Math’s and English. Our students at Arnos Grove are time tabled to enjoy a variety of sport activities off site weekly. Our Cheshunt pupils benefit from all the on-site facilities which are implemented into our curriculum, these include football, basketball, squash, swimming, dance, badminton and much more.  

Focus 1st has developed an approach to learning that acts as a vehicle to motivate and improve individuals’ prospects. Whilst all individuals are encouraged towards gaining recognised qualifications, we also believe that the process of skill enhancement, confidence and self-esteem building is as vital as the outcome.

We cater to pupils aged 5-16 year who are identified by schools/local authorities as more able to fulfil their potential by pursuing education outside the school environment, risk of PEX, SEMH, non attendees, require additional support, SEN or are out of education. The aim to equip students with the appropriate skills, experience and qualifications to participate in modern society at post 16.

We strive to support the well-being and mental health of each individual, encourage self-worth and confidence building, through small interventions. Lessons are shaped to support their academic learning as well as incorporate an abundance of physical and practical activities. Our experienced and nurturing staff take a more creative approach to their teaching style which provides an outlet and a platform for self-expression and exploration.


Our hands-on approach to learning creates an inspirational motivation for our students and are taught methods on how to improve their social skills in preparation for work/apprenticeship schemes and/or further education by learning in real-life situations. We believe that all individuals have a certain quality, which is sometimes concealed due to lack of confidence, mixed sentiments or disabilities. As such, recognising and coming to terms with barriers is a small part of the conflict, we are certain that all individuals are aware of their own weaknesses; the most vital part is engaging with professionals and adhere to individual training plans set which in turn prepares our students for economic and social integration into adulthood. 

British Values

The British values are a set of principles that underpin the way of life in the United Kingdom.

These values are as follows;


The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect

Acceptance for those with different faiths and beliefs

We at Focus 1st Academy explicitly teach British values through specific lessons or activities that promote democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. We foster a positive school culture that promotes British values by celebrating diversity, encouraging respectful behaviour, and promoting a sense of community and belonging. We encourage student participation in school decision-making processes, such as through school councils, to promote democracy and give students a voice. We promote critical thinking skills by encouraging students to question and challenge ideas, and consider different perspectives and viewpoints. We offer opportunities for students to learn about different cultures and religions, and to interact with people from diverse backgrounds, to promote mutual respect and tolerance.