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// We are now registered as an Independent School!

We want to do our best to provide our students with the required support and excellent quality education in order to develop both their academic and personal skills. We believe that our efforts are fundamental basis when enhancing their chances of success.

Following a two-day visit by an Ofsted inspector in February and March 2015, Focus Training Academy has been judged positively as a whole. Please go to the first link below to download the report in full. You can also find our Independent School Registration letter issued by the Department of Education on the remaining links.

In June 2015 we had an OFSED inspection – the published Ofsted report is now live and on our website: I believe that the lead inspector Sandra Teacher’s judgement on Focus training was fair however; in my opinion the overall effectiveness should have been graded as a 2 owing to the fact that this was corrected during Sandra’s visit as outlined in her report; and being a newly formed school obviously you will not have sufficient evidence to monitor and evaluate the school’s work and this should been taken into consideration and not noted as an area for improvement.

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