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Students’ Admissions and Referrals

All student admissions must come via schools and/or local authorities.

Completion of our Referral Form must only be done by authorized personal of professional establishment. Once completed please send to marina@focustraining.org.uk or call to discuss the matter further on 020 8361 5658.

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Some other useful information and a list of our school policies are below:

Hard copies are available upon request. Please contact us on 020-8361-5658.


// Vacancies

Would you like to be part of our Focus 1st Academy team?

Fill out the form below and send it to marina@focustraining.org.uk or by post to:
339 Bowes Road
New Southgate
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// Employers

Do you need an extra pair of hands on a daily basis to support your business? If you are willing to guide a student and help them gain work experience into your work team this would be a wonderful opportunity to do so!

For general information, please contact us on 020 8361 5658 or email sarah@focustraining.org.uk